Thursday, October 20, 2005

Short People Got No Reason to Date

Here’s something I came across while perusing the web: the Short Person’s Support Group. It claims its mission is to:

1. Support and provide reference material to persons of short stature.
2. Raise awareness of the social and economic issues facing short people.
3. Provide inspiration to short people to help better their lives and attitudes.

What grabbed my attention was the empirical study they conducted using data available from online personals regarding heights of men and women, and the desirability of the choice of partner based on such parameters. It has some interesting analysis for short guys to consider when examining the degree to which height discrimination is going on in the dating world.

Check out the analyser for yourself. The model will open in a separate window.

I’ve always felt that my height has been a personal advantage on the dating front. These statistics definitely confirm it. However, at the same time, preferring women on the taller side of average tends to offer a smaller market share to choose from.


At 10/20/2005, Blogger 4th Dwarf said...

Now I know why I do better in real life than I did on Webpersonals. Obviously when they meet the Dwarf they find some quality to compensate for my lack of air miles.

At 11/01/2005, Anonymous Seventh Heathen said...

Judging from your photo, it's gotta be
the size of the nose....


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